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Android goes from tortoise to hare

There are a lot of Android stats going around these days. Not did we see the infographic of the Nexus One vs. iPhone, we also saw AdMob’s survey showing that the interest in Android development is up. Now we have word from AdMob that Android is growing — fast. AdMob’s monthly traffic report shows that Android in February 2010 accounted for 24% of traffic requests for its network. That’s up from 2% in February 2009. See more of Android’s inevitable march at AdMob’s blog.  

Android becoming U.S.’s most popular OS

ComScore gives Google Android 31.2% of the US market share, capturing the top spot, followed by RIM with 30.4%, while Apple takes the third position by scoring 24.7% share. …

RBC Capital Markets General Manager Sees Android Winning Tablet War

“While Apple’s iPad may continue to set the bar high for experience, we expect Android to dominate (40% share Tablets by 2014), given its broader support from OEMs and carriers and expected budget-priced Android Tablets from Asia.” …

Android Update

Google’s New In-App Payments Product Set For Launch In May 2011


Google is set to launch another much-anticipated (at least by many app developers or publishers) Web-based in-app transactions product in May 2011…

Google issues Android anti-fragmentation tool


Google has made good on a promise to release technology it hopes will curtail Android’s fragmentation problem, a complication for programmers who want their software to run on diverse devices…

Application Stats on Android Market

Application Statistics is a new type of dashboard in the Market Developer Console that gives you an overview of the installation performance of your apps. It provides charts and tables that summarize each app’s active installation trend over time, as well as its distribution across key dimensions such as Android platform versions, devices, user countries, and user languages. 


Android Security

Android Market Malware Has Users Begging Google To Remotely Disable Bad Apps

On March 1, news broke that dozens of malicious applications had made their way to Android Market, each infected with a rootkit that could grant hackers deep access to Android devices that installed them. Google removed the malicious applications from Android Market within a few minutes of being notified, but has otherwise remained silent on the situation. Until now (at 10PM on a Saturday…)

Google has now confirmed that 58 malicious applications were uploaded to Android Market, and that they were downloaded onto around 260,000 devices before Google removed the apps Tuesday evening. That number sounds alarmingly high….

Scandal: anti-virus software provider Netqin cooperates with virus maker to cheat consumers, just before its IPO plan in Nasdaq

On Mar 15, Chinese CCTV uncovered a horrified scandal concerning Chinese mobile internet startups.  Netqin is a company, which makes anti-virus software for mobile phone.  It invested in a company called, Feeliu, which claims to make mobile apps and mobile games.  But once users install Feeliu software on their phones, the phones will have many problems, including being very slow. Only if they pay Rmb 2 to download an anti-virus update from Netqin can they solve the problem…

Symantec Finds Fake Google Android Update

Symantec found an application called the “Android Market Security Tool” that is a repackaged version of the legitimate update by the same name that removed the DroidDream malware from infected devices…


Developers should fund their apps with Kickstart

It’s hard to make money through developing an app, but there is one way to ease the beginning stages financially – kick start your app. AndroidGuys’ Mark Murphy has a great post suggesting that developers use KickStart as a way to get community-based funding. This is a great idea to help people who may not be able to dedicate too much time to app development because of financial reasons.

Mobile OS market share all over the world by the end of Feb. 2011


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